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  • Technical Skills and Soft Skills.
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  • Demystifying Containers and Kubernetes.
  • Security Model…
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  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Security.
  • Security Objectives…
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  • The Four Question Framework.

The Four Question Framework

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  • Detect.
  • Assess the Risk.
  • Resolve and Confirm.
  • Putting…
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  • Understanding Computer Forensics.
  • Careers.
  • preparing for an…
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  • Cloud Foundations.
  • Looking at the Clouds.
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  • PKI Overview.
  • PKI CA Implementation.
  • PKI Certificate Acquisition.
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  • Security Devices.
  • Network Isolation.
  • Avoiding…
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  • Understand User Authentication.
  • Understand Permissions.

Amani Benaoun

A Lifelong Learner

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